Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Draw a line vertically down the middle of your body. That’s called the midline. Every time you cross over that line, you are activating both sides of the brain and building bridges between the hemispheres in the brain.

Hint! Let children put a piece of painter’s tape on their midline to increase their awareness when you do these activities.
Cross and Tap
Touch right hand to left knee and then touch left hand to right knee. Continue touching opposite hands to knees.
Adaptations: Lift left knee and touch with right elbow. Lift right knee and touch with left elbow.
*Count, say the ABC’s, repeat nursery rhymes, and so forth as you cross and tap.

Toe Writing
Cross right leg over left knee and write the letters of the alphabet with the toes on your right foot. Then cross your left foot over your right knee and write the alphabet letters backwards with your left toes.
*Practice sight words or spelling words with toe writing.

I Am Slowly Going Crazy
Here’s a silly video that will reduce stress and have everyone laughing!

Finger Fitness
Finger exercises are a great way to focus children’s attention and develop hand strength.
1. Demonstrate how to fold your hands and twiddle (rotate thumbs around each other) your thumbs.
2. Unfold your hands and put the opposite thumb on top and twiddle.
3. Wiggle one finger at a time starting with your thumbs, index fingers, middle finger, ring, and pinky fingers.
4. Put palms together and tap one finger at a time starting with thumbs.

Cut surveying tape or ribbon in 3’ sections. Pass these out to students and have them follow along as you cross the midline and make different motions to the music.
*Make lazy eights in front of you with the tape.
*Use streamers for “invisible writing” as you practice making shapes,
*Play follow the leader as different students make motions for friends to follow along.

Here are some sample cookies for you today:

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