Friday, October 21, 2016


I need to give a little love to math today!
Here are some counting ideas that are full of “active learning.”
Note!  For younger children you would just count from 1-10 using the activities. 

Count higher for kindergarten children as they progress through the year. 
Adapt the ideas to skip counting for older students

Karate Chop Count
Feet out, knees bent, karate chop with your right hand and then your left as you count by ones. 

     *Do leg curls and chops as you count by 5’s to 100 

     *Kick front and back as you count by 10’s to 200. 

     *Wax on, wax off as you count by 100’s to 1000. 

Pump Up to 100
Pretend to hold weights as you count. 

1-20 - bicep curls (Elbows in, pretend to hold weights in fists with palms up as you bring forearms up and down.) 

21-40 - for overhead press (Fists face forwards as you start at your shoulders and push the weights overhead.) 

41-60 – side raises (Elbows at 90% angles as you raise them out to the side.) 61-80 – upright rows (Fists together close to the body and raise elbows out and up until fists are at your heart.) 

81-100 – frontal raises - (Fists together and arms stiff as you raise them in front of your body to eye level.) 

Whew! (Wipe brow!!!)

Jump Rope Counting
Children pretend to hold an imaginary jump rope and jump as they count to 100.

Dance and Count 

Choose a different dance move for each ten as you count. 

1-10 – Disco (Index finger up and down across body.) 

11-20 – Hitchhike (Thumb out across body.) 

21-30 – Swim (Make swimming motions.) 

31-40 – Bollywood (One hand up in circular motion and one down.) 

41-50 – Pony (Step from side to side.) 

51-60 – Twist (Twist at waist.) 

61-70 – Salsa (One arm bent up and other hand on elbow.) 

71-80 – Monster (Arms out in front of you.) 

81-90 – Bird (Flap your arms like a bird.) 

91-100 – Do your own thing!

Patty Cake Count 
Children face their partner and patty cake as they county by ones, fives, tens, and so forth.

Shoelace Counting
Write numerals 1-20 on a cotton shoelace with a fabric marker. Slide a bead on the shoelace and move it up and down as you count. 
*What’s one more than___? Two less than___?
Hint! This would be a good project for a parent volunteer.

Math Line Up
Write numbers one to twenty (or as many as students in your class) on 3X5" cards. Shuffle the cards and hand one to each student. Have students line up in numerical order at the door. They put their cards in a basket by the door when they line up so the cards are ready to use next time.
As the year progresses write higher numbers on the cards.

Silly Voice Counting
Have children count using different voices. For example: robot, opera, pirate, monster, teacher, cowboy, monkey, surprised, worried, silly, excited, happy, sad, mad, confused, whisper, sleepy, and scared.
*Add holiday or seasonal voices like a scarecrow (reads words in a scary voice), ghost (students say “boo” after each word), witch (read with a cackle while stirring a pot), Rudolph (students flash their hands like blinking lights as they read the word), Frosty (students shiver as they read the words) or Santa (students must say the words three times in a “ho,ho,ho” style), or the Easter bunny (students hop after saying each word).