Monday, May 8, 2017


You can integrate reading, writing, math, and exercise with a learning/fitness trail.
Materials: cardboard rectangles (8” x 10”), markers, tape

Directions: Have your students brainstorm different “body” and “brain” exercises and write them on the board.

For example:
     10 jumping jacks
     say a nursery rhyme
     8 windmills
     count backwards from 20
     12 squats
     name your city, state, and country
     15 toe touches
     name 5 insects
     run in place
     sing the ABC’s forwards and then backwards
     count by 10’s to 100
     hop on one foot – hop on the other foot

Divide children into small groups and let them choose an exercise, write it on a piece of cardboard, and decorate it.

Tape the exercises around the playground and let the fun begin.
Hint! Invite other classes to participate in your learning/fitness trail.