Tuesday, May 2, 2017


I wanted to share a letter I received recently. There are so many of you out there who believe in learning through play like Phyllis and I do. This is why you and I do what we do! We keep on believing and hoping because we know this is what young children NEED and DESERVE!

Dear Jean,

I wrote to you over 2 years ago after experiencing one of your presentations. You are, hands down, my favorite teacher trainer. So imagine how EXCITED I was to see your smile on the cover of the National Conference registration form! Unfortunately, I cannot go. But I imagine thousands of teachers will go, and they NEED to hear your message and your wisdom. We all have much to learn from your many years of getting to know kids and the very best way they learn.

We all know the richness, the fun, and the learning that goes on - in short, the VALUE of play.  But for some bizarre, inexplicable reason, we are STILL ignoring research that demonstrates the importance of play in the kindergarten classroom.
We need to remind parents and administrators that K's LEARN THROUGH PLAY and that they need to allow plenty of time for play! Get that awesome kitchen center set up (I got mine from Donor's Choose)... and blocks and dress up and lots of floor puzzles! Don't forget a big writing easel and a cash register. A bin of dinosaurs is big fun, too!
Of course we need to teach numbers and letters and letter sounds. But all of that can be fun, too.

So I am asking you again, Dr. Jean, to please make this point to all of these teachable teachers to whom you will speak in July. More than ever before, we are taking the fun, the creativity, the thinking skills practice and the social skills practice out of K by removing play from the kindergarten classroom.

The Washington Post Answer Sheet (Valerie Strauss) posted an article that I wrote on over-testing in K. We are over-testing in all grades, of course.

I am so thankful for you and so thankful that you are still spreading the TRUTH, inspiring teachers and getting them psyched to move and sing and dance and TEACH! Don't stop now, Dr. Jean, we need you more than ever!

Phyllis Doerr
K Teacher

New Jersey
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