Wednesday, August 29, 2018


You can give kids a brain break and reinforce letters and sounds with these activities.

ABC Kick Box
Directions: Children stand and make fists with their hands. Explain that you will punch across with your right hand and say a letter. Then punch across with their left hand and make the sound.

A – Punch with right hand.
/a/ - Punch with left hand.
B through Z.

Directions: Children stand and put their hands in the air as they say a letter. They put their hands on their shoulders and make the letter sound. As they touch their toes they say a word that starts with that sound.

A (Hands up in the air and say “A.”)
/a/ (Hands on shoulders and make the short /a/ sound.)
____ (Say a word that starts with “A” as you touch your toes.)

Adaptations: Say words that are nouns, verbs, or other parts of speech as you touch your toes.

Go Letters!  (Sign language) Directions:  Children stand and roll arms around in between making the manual signs for each letter.

Karate Writing

Directions: Explain that some letters are tall. They start at the top dotted line. Some letters start at the middle dotted line. Some letters have a tail. They go below the line. Sing the “Alphabet Song” stretching up in the air for tall letters, putting hands on waist for short letters, and touching the ground for letters with a tail. For example:

A -hands on waist
B - hands in air
G - touch ground

Cheering LettersDirections:  Children put hands in the air for tall letters, hands in front from middle letters, and touch the ground for letters with a tail.

ABC Actions
Clap on the consonants and hop on the vowels as you sing.
*March, tiptoe, disco (finger up in the air and then cross the midline and point down) as you sing.
*Use a monster voice (loud), mouse voice (soft), turtle voice (slow), or a racehorse voice (fast).  
*Encourage your students to suggest other voices and movements.

ABC Rap Clap
Directions:  Begin a pattern by slapping thighs once and clapping twice.
A (slap on the letter and then clap twice)
B (slap, clap, clap)
C (slap, clap, clap)

Directions: Children stand and as you call out letters they try and make the letter with their body.
*Spell sight words or vocabulary words with their bodies.

Air Writing
Directions: Children stand and extend their index finger in the air. Explain that you will do “invisible” writing in the air with their magic finger. Have children make letters in the air as you call them out.

Note!  The teacher must reverse movements when modeling in front of the children.

Adaptations: Try “foot writing” where they make letters with their foot.