Wednesday, August 22, 2018



Home School Alphabet Book
This book will provide a hands-on activity that will encourage parents to talk to their children about school and alphabet letters. Write different letters of the alphabet on cardstock. Give each family a letter and ask them help their child draw pictures or cut out pictures of things that begin with the letter. Put their pages together to make a book for your class.

I Can Read!
Take 26 large sheets of paper (12” x 16”) and write a different letter on each page. Put pages between construction paper to make a book called “I Can Read My ABC’s.” Hole punch and bind with book rings. Invite children to bring in words from food labels, stores, catalogs, etc. that they can read. As childrenbring in their words, help them match up the first letter with the same letter in the book and glue their word on that page.

Alphabet Art
Write large letters of the alphabet on paper. Give each child a letter and challenge them to create a picture around their letter. “What does your letter look like? Does it remind you of something? Can you use your crayons to turn it intothat object? Try to ‘camouflage’ it so no one knows what your letter is.” Put their drawings together to make a book.
*Challenge older children to turn their letter into an object that begins with the sound their letter makes.

Alphabet in My Mouth
Use the words and tune to “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” to make thisbook.

     I’ve got the whole alphabet in my mouth.
     I’ve got the whole alphabet in my mouth.
     I’ve got the whole alphabet in my mouth
     And I can read.

     I’ve got A /a/ /a/ in my mouth.

     I’ve got B /b/ /b/…

First, take a close up photo of each child with their mouth wide open and their tongue stickingout. Next, cut letters out of construction paper and glue to the tongue on theirpicture. Write words for each page to go with the picture, such as “I’ve got A /a//a/ in my mouth.”

AlphaBODY Book
Challenge children to make letters with their bodies. Or, divide children into small groups and ask them to make letters.


Make alphabet books that relate to different themes, seasons, holidays, or concepts you are working on. For example:

Pets          Foods              We Like
Insects      Friends           Oceans
Transportation                 Scary Things
Things We Love               ABC’s of Spring 
Our Country                    Sports

Instead of putting up the traditional alphabet cards, use one of these ideas to create a unique alphabet.

Children’s Photos
Use children’s first or last names to make an alphabet. If several children have names that begin with the same sound, then group them together. If you don’t have names for letters, then use the school helpers’ names or other common objects.

Sign Language
Cut hands out of felt and glue them to make the manual signs for letters.
Real Objects
Glue small objects that begin with letters to make alphabet cards.
Environmental Print 
Use labels from food products or clothes to make an alphabet.
Hint! Give each child a letter and ask parents to send in environmental print for that letter.
Giant Letters
Cut out giant cardboard letters for the first letter in each child’s name. Let them decorate these at home with their families. They could use family photos, pictures of things that are important to them, or drawings to decorate their letters.