Saturday, September 1, 2018


Does that means no "laboring" this weekend! Take a deep breath, enjoy the last few days of summer, and be kind to yourself. However, if you do get bored you can go to my website ( and check out my "Pick List of Videos" for September. I know it's a little overwhelming when you look at all my videos, so I've tried to choose a few special ones for you, to help kids learn, and just for FUN!

One of the best ways to make September memorable is to celebrate some special days. Over the next week I'll share how to take some crazy national holidays and turn them into learning opportunities with songs, games, and crafts. Who would have thought that there was a National Bubble Gum Day or Play Dough Day? Get ready for a GOOD TIME!



By the way, if you haven't checked out the ULTIMATE CENTER BOOK that Carolyn Kisloski and I wrote you need to do it today. It's packed with 250 pages of simple, hands-on center ideas where kids can PLAY and LEARN!