Friday, September 14, 2018


I found this idea for notecards from a "Mrs. Young" when I was cleaning out some old files. It might just be my age, but I do appreciate an old fashion paper "thank you" note, and I'm sure your parents and volunteers would as well.  I also like this idea because it's very "child centered" and you don't need permission from parents to use their child's photo.

Directions:  "Mrs. Young" asked each child to draw their picture with a black pen. She reduced the size and did a little cut and paste magic to get them on half a sheet of paper. On the other half it says, “Created especially for YOU by Mrs. Young’s Kindergarten Class of 20--.” Here's the open version as well as what it looks like folded into a card.

Hint! These could be run off on cardstock, seasonal colors, or plain white paper.

Writing Center Stationery
Here's another idea that will encourage your students to write.  Draw off 1 1/2" squares similar to the ones shown around the edge of a sheet of paper.  Let the children draw their picture and write their name in one of the squares. Run off many, many copies so the children can use them to write notes to their friends.

Thank You for Helping Us Bloom and Grow
I loved this thank you note I received from some children. Their thumbprints are flowers and it says "Thank you for helping us bloom and grow." Something similar to this could also be used to make class stationery and notes.
You know, everybody wants to be appreciated, and these notes would be treasured by the recipients. "Thumb" body thanks you for reading my blog today!!!