Friday, October 26, 2018


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I LOVE BLANK BOOKS?  Why?  The are open-ended, challenging, and can be used across the curriculum to reinforce reading and writing skills.  Here are two simple books that can be used in a multitude of ways.


Directions:  Fold a sheet of paper into thirds to create a brochure.
Or, try this easy version: roll paper into a circle and “smash” flat.

How to use?

story elements (title, favorite character, beginning, middle, end)
sequence (beginning, middle, end)
phonics (capital, lower case, pictures; long a, short a, aw sound, CVC words)


all about me
field trip, vacation, place they’d like to visit
KWL unit or theme (Know-Want to know-Learn)

sorting (pictures, letters, words, syllables, nouns)

biography (facts, accomplishments)
inflicted endings, comparisons
vocabulary (word, illustration, sentence - ESL)
science (primary and secondary colors)
turn vertically - animals in the air, on the ground, underground (transportation, foods)
drawing a body

House Book

Directions:  Fold the paper in half lengthwise to form a crease. Open. Bring upper left corner to the center crease. Bring upper right corner to the center crease. Fold up the bottom edge to make a house.

How to use?
my family (how we celebrate, have fun, etc.)

book report (title, author, illustrator, favorite scene) 

colors, shapes, number words

letter house (write words or draw pictures that begin with the sound)

word families (write the rime on the front and words inside)


following directions (make a door on the front of the house; put a bird on the
roof; put a trash can on the back of the house, etc.)

animal homes

NAPPING HOUSE – recall characters

number house (write the number on the front and different ways to make the
number inside)

homework – write words in their house they can read