Saturday, October 20, 2018


I know that some of you are not allowed to dress up on Halloween. I was looking through old blog posts with vocabulary words and I found this idea that Ginny McLay shared when I was in New Hampshire several years ago. It dawned on me that it would be a fun activity on October 31st - or any day. 

Vocabulary Word Costume!
Ginny McLay and was inspired by her love of vocabulary to help her kids love learning new words with a costume party.
After focusing on words (synonyms, antonyms, nouns, verbs, and adjectives) invite children to think of a word that they LOVE, ADORE, AND ADMIRE and create a costume for their word.

Easy steps to make a costume!
      1. Think of a few words that are really interesting.
      2. Choose a word that you can make into a costume.
      3. The word and definition must be somewhere on the costume.
      4. Practice the word and definition
           My word is _____. It means:_________.

Ideas for costumes:
      1. Write the word and definition on a headband.
      2. Write the word and definition on a piece of paper and make a necklace out of it.
      3. Write the word and definition on a t-shirt and decorate with fabric paint.
      4. Write the word and definition on a brown paper bag…cut it like a vest!
      5. Use a costume you already have at home and think of a great word. Write the word and definition on a sash.

Can you tell?  "Mysterious" and "celebrate"?

Great reads for vocabulary include:
Miss Alaineus – A Vocabulary Disaster by Debra Frasier
Fancy Nancy Books
Max’s Words by Kate Banks

A substitute for Halloween for younger children might be to have a nursery rhyme party.  Children could all dress up like their favorite nursery rhyme character and then take turns reciting their rhyme.  I'll share some snacks with you tomorrow.