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Friday, April 26, 2019


Children can use their creativity to make poems come alive with art media.

After listening to a poem, have children close their eyes and make a picture of it in their heads. Then let them draw that picture on paper with crayons, markers, or colored pencils.


Have children paint pictures of their favorite poems with water colors or tempera. These could be realistic or symbolic.

Let children choose a favorite poem and make a collage with magazine pictures, photographs, natural objects, or art media.

Give children a sheet of paper 12” x 8”. Let them illustrate or write an original poem on the paper. Next, glue 12” x 1” tissue paper strips on the bottom of the paper. Bring the edges together to make a cylinder and staple. Punch 3 holes in the top and tie on 12” pieces of string. Bring the ends of the string together and knot.

Pennants and Banners
Cut pennant and banner shapes out of construction paper and let children write or illustrate poems on them.

Puzzle Poems
Cut cardboard or tag board into 12” squares. Let children write original poems or copy poems on the cardboard. Then give them makers and crayons to illustrate their poems. Finally, have them cut the square into puzzle shapes. Store in a zip bag. Let children exchange puzzles and put them together and read.
Puppets, Sculptures, and Bookmarks 
Let children use a “scrap box” or “junk box” to create other “artful” objects for poems.

Poetry Quilt

Give each child a square and let them write an original poem or rhyme on the square. Let them decorate a frame around their poem with crayons. Glue the children’s squares to a large sheet of bulletin board paper. Be sure to leave at least an Inch between the squares. Take 12” pieces of yarn and tie them in bows.  Glue the bows between the squares so it will look like a quilt.

Poet “Tree”  
Use an old Christmas tree or stick several large, dry branches in a pot of dirt. Invite children to write or illustrate a poems on index cards and then attach to the tree with clothespins. Encourage children to “pick a poem” and read!