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Friday, April 19, 2019


We used to play "girls chase boys" or "boys chase girls" and then some decided that was politically incorrect. We started mixing the teams up and changed the names to things like "bunnies chase squirrels" or "Ninjas chase Robots." However, I'm smiling because kids will be kids and someone will continue to call out "girls chase boys" or "boys chase girls" forever!

Here are some new versions to the old game of tag that your children might enjoy.

Cat and Mouse
Materials: none
The children form a circle and hold hands. One child stands in the center and is the “mouse.” Another child stands outside the circle and is the “cat.” On a given signal, the “cat” must chase the “mouse.” They can enter or leave the circle only if the other players hold up their hands and form an arch. When the “cat” catches the “mouse,” let them choose classmates to take their places.

*Change the characters for different seasons. You could have the farmer chase the turkey, the witch chase the bat, etc.

Hug Tag
Materials: none
Designate a playing area. One child is “it.” “It” chases other children who must “freeze” when they are tagged. Other players hug those who are “frozen” to “unfreeze” them.

Stoop Tag
One child is "it." Children stoop down on the ground when they are tagged by "it." When everyone has been caught and is stooping down a new person is chosen to be "it" and the game begins again.

Cartoon Tag
Children must name a cartoon show when they are tagged. They can continue to play if they can name a show.

Shadow Tag
You'll need a sunny day for this game. Children must freeze when “it” steps on their shadow.

Sticky Tag

Children must hold the part of their body that is tagged by "it." They can continue to play touching the body part(s) that are tagged.