Thursday, October 31, 2019


I recently watched a special on "Halloween" on the plane and it was fascinating how this holiday has evolved over the centuries. It's really changed in my lifetime. Back in the fifties there were no costume shops or Halloween stores. When we got home from school on October 31st we put on our imagination caps and came up with a costume. Yes, there were lots of ghosts in sheets and tramps (which most of you don't even know about) and scarecrows and cowboys and cowgirls and gypsies. We also dressed up in our parents' clothes. Did we have fancy pumpkins or bags? NO! We used brown grocery sacks or pillowcases. And, we never had to worry about somebody tampering with apples, popcorn balls, or homemade cookies. Can you imagine the germs in bobbing for apples? How did we ever live? A few houses had pumpkins, but that was the extent of the decorations.

What did we have in common with your children today? We had FUN!!! We were excited! It was a memory that still makes me smile.

And, speaking of memories, we are about to go on a Pilgrimage to the Holy Lands with a group from our church.  Can you imagine walking where Jesus walked?  Getting baptized in the Jordan River?  Eating fish by the Sea of Galilee?  Praying at the Wailing Wall?  Oh, my heart can't wait!  

I just wanted to let all of my friends know that I've got blogs written for every day while I'm gone.  I'll also post pictures on FB if you are interested in our journey.  

Be well, happy, and keep on singing!

P.S.  Neewollah is Halloween spelled backwards!