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Thursday, May 13, 2021


The more activities you can do outside this time of year, the better. Here are a few outdoor art activities you might like to try this spring or summer.

*Remember, it's the process, not the product. Children live in the moment and will jump right in with their fingers and imaginations. Most are not concerned about what the finished product looks like, and we need to respect their "messiness."

Worm Painting
Materials: rubber fishing worms, paper, cups of paint
Directions: Children dip the fishing worms in the paint and then "wiggle" them across the paper.

Dirt Painting
Materials: dirt, water, plastic container, brushes, paper
Directions: Mix the dirt with water to make a thick liquid. Paint a picture with brushes or with fingers.

Adaptations: Look for different types of soil to create different shades of “dirt” paint.


Ice Cube Painting
Materials: plastic ice cube tray, paint, craft sticks, paper
Directions: Pour paint in ice cube trays and insert a craft stick in each section. Freeze. Pop the “paint cubes” out of the tray and swirl around on the paper. As the paint melts, it will create a design.

Adaptations: Make similar ice cubes with water and liquid water color.


Food Color Dip
Materials: 4 small cups, food coloring, paper towels, water
Directions: Take the cups and put water and a large squirt of food coloring in each cup. Children take a paper towel and fold it into a small square. They dip each corner in a different color. Open and dry.

Fence Painting
Materials: large sheets of paper, clothespins, paints, paint brushes
Directions: Attach large sheets of paper to a fence with clothespins. Children can freely paint on the paper.

Adaptations: Put paint in pie pans and give children fly swatters to dip in the paint and swat on the paper.