Sunday, October 18, 2020


These "wallets" are a special way for children to "save" words, letters, numbers, math facts, or any skills you want them to master.

How to Make a Wallet
Make wallets from construction paper. Lay the paper horizontally and fold up the bottom to 1” from the top. Fold in half. Glue the sides. Decorate with markers and stickers. 


Cut green paper into rectangles 4” x 2.” These are your “dollars” for your wallet. Children can write their words, letters, numbers, vocabulary, etc. on the dollars and “save” them in their wallets.

Can You Find?
Challenge children to match their "dollars" with letters, words, etc. in books.

*Can they find them printed on food labels or other things around the house? is a website I'd definitely recommend to parents. It's a good free resource for games and activities based on grade level expectations.