Monday, December 7, 2020


Since December 7th is LETTER WRITING DAY, I thought it might be a good day to write a blog about it. With texts, emails, etcetera, letter writing is almost a lost art. However, it’s something children should be exposed to and it is a meaningful way to practice informative writing.

Children will easily remember the parts of a letter with this song to the tune of “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes:”

Head, greeting, body, closing, signature.
Head, greeting, body, closing, signature.
These are the parts of a letter.
Head, greeting, body, closing, signature.

*Point to your head as you say “head.”
Point to your mouth as you say “greeting.”
Point to your body as you say “body.”
Point to your knee as you say “closing.”
Point to your feet as you say “signature.”

*Let children write letters to their friends in other classes and deliver them at the end of the day.

*Write letters to your governor, the President, children’s favorite authors, movie stars, famous athletes, etc.

*And, yes, you might even be at a school where they can write letters to Santa! (You can download these free from several sites.)

Here’s a simple way to make a letter/envelope.

1. Write your letter.
2. Fold in the top two corners as shown.
3. Fold up the bottom.
4. Fold down the top triangle and secure with a sticker.
5. Turn over and write the name of the recipient.

Hannah Severson has created a special project that she'd like to share with you: 
This year, I know many of us are missing traveling during the holidays. However, maybe you and your students could travel around the world in your classroom this year.
Holiday Around the World is a great unit to teach in the month of December (PreK and up). Take your students on a tour around the world as they learn about Christmas and holiday traditions in each country (USA, England, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Netherlands, China, Australia, and Russia)!
I created this passport template to use along the journey. So many other resources out there to use. Enjoy your trip with your students! 😃✈️