Sunday, February 7, 2021


Here are some simple and inexpensive tools for energizing brains and bodies anytime, anywhere, and with any skill.

Drum Sticks
Materials: paper towel cardboard rollers, markers, music

Directions: Let children decorate the paper towel rollers with markers. Play some popular music and invite children to keep time to the beat. They can tap on their desk, on their knees, on their shoulders, and other parts of their bodies.  

*Cross and tap with the drum sticks.

Variations: You can also use pencils, craft sticks, or plastic cups for making music.

Materials: surveying tape or ribbon, or pieces of toilet paper

Directions: Cut surveying tape or ribbon in 2’ sections. Pass these out to students and have them follow along as you make different motions to the music.

*Play follow the leader as different students make motions for friends to follow along.

*Use streamers for “invisible writing” as you practice making shapes, numbers, letters, and words.

Variations:  Use strips of toilet paper for streamers.

*Tie several ribbons to craft sticks to make magic wands.

Paper Plates
Materials: inexpensive paper plates, catchy music

Directions: Give each child two paper plates and have them follow along as you clap in front of you, behind you, and make other movements.

*Place plates on the floor and put one foot on each plate. Shuffle feet and pretend to skate around the room on the plates.

*Sit on the plate and spin around.

Variations:  Give children plastic spoons to tap on the plates.

Materials: juggling scarves or scrap paper wadded into balls

Directions: Pass out one scarf or a paper ball to each child. 

*Begin with one ball or scarf and have the children toss and catch it. Can they toss it, clap one time, and catch it? Can they toss it, turn around, and catch it?

*Can they count, rhyme, or sing the alphabet song as they juggle?

*Challenge children to toss and catch two objects at a time. 

Materials: swim noodles

Directions: Cut swim noodles into 8” - 9” sections. Pass these out to your students give them a few minutes to “mess around” and pretend they are Luke Skywalker. Explain that whenever you say “Statue of Liberty” they have to freeze and hold their noodle up like a torch.

*Follow the Leader – Play some music and have the students follow along with you as you cross the midline and make other movements with the noodle.

*Air Writing – Use noodles to practice pre-writing strokes, letters, shapes, numerals, and so forth in the air with big movements.

*Massage – Brush noodles down arms or legs. Place the noodle on the floor and roll on it to give yourself a massage.

Therapy Bands
Materials: therapy bands

Directions: Purchase a large roll of exercise resistance bands and cut it into 18” sections. Cut these in half horizontally and give one to each child.

*Children can stretch the bands as they extend sounds in a word.

*Exercise with the bands as you count, say the ABC’s, read word wall words, spell, and so forth.

*Stretch above your head, behind you, vertically, etc.

Variations:  Use a dishtowel to make the movements.

Dr. Jean Unplugged!
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