Wednesday, February 3, 2021


It seems so many of the good stories that we used to tell children have been replaced with cartoons and videos. I might be "old as dirt" (as I heard someone say about me), but I've got some special stories to pass on to you. Think of them (and me) as "antiques" instead of out of style! You might be surprised how much your children enjoy them and beg, "TELL IT AGAIN! TELL IT AGAIN!"

Materials: red construction paper and scissors

Child’s name wanted to make some special valentines for her friends. So she got some red paper and folded it in half and tired to cut out a heart.
(Let the scraps fall to the ground.)

She opened it up and didn’t like the way it looked so she tried to trim it down a little bit. (Again, let the scraps fall to the ground as you cut out a smaller heart.)

“No, that’s not quite right,” she said. “Let me try again.”

Continue cutting smaller and smaller hearts until there’s only a tiny heart left. “Oh, dear, what can I do now?” Then she looked down on the floor and one by one picked up her scraps. “Oh, goodie! Now I have enough hearts for all my friends!”  

Hint!  Pass these out to the children and then tell it again and again until every child has a heart.


Here’s a story just right for this month to help children think about how words can hurt. Cut a large heart out of red construction paper and hold it in your lap as you begin to tell the story below:

This is a story about a special friend named (imaginary name). He always came to school with a smile on his face and a big heart full of love for his classmates. (Hold up the big heart.) (Name) listened to his teacher, did his best work, and helped his friends. However, some of his friends weren’t always so kind. Joe made fun of his shoes and broke a little of his heart. (Tear off a piece of the heart and let it drop to the floor.) Ann said, “I’m saving this seat and you can’t sit here” at story time and broke a little more of his heart. Sammy wouldn’t share his crayons (tear off a little of the heart) and Sara called him a mean name. What are some other things that might break his heart? (Let the children name other things that cause hurt feelings as you let the pieces fall to the floor.) By the end of the day his heart was all in pieces and it was so sad.

Who can tell me how to put his heart back together? What are some kind things you can do for your friends? As children name different acts of kindness pick the pieces of the heart off the floor. Glue the pieces together on a poster as a reminder to have a kind heart. Encourage children to write friends’ names on the poster when they are kind and helpful to them!

King Kong (The more dramatic you are, the better the kids will like it and get engaged! Say “King Kong” in a loud deep voice & “teeny tiny monkey” in a squeaky little voice.)
KING KONG (Flex arms.)
Was just a teeny tiny monkey (Hold up pinky.)
Compared to my love for you. (Cross arms over chest and then extend.)
KING KONG (Flex arms.)
Was just a teeny tiny monkey (Hold up pinky.)
Compared to my love for you. (Cross arms over chest and then extend.)
I love you day (Make circle with arms.)
And night. (Lay head on hands.)
My love is out of sight. (Hands in air.)
KING KONG (Flex arms.)
Was just a teeny
Tiny monkey (Hold up pinky.)
Compared to my love for you! (Softly say this line as you point to children.)