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Saturday, September 3, 2022


September 8th is officially Grandparents' Day. Even if you are not a biological parent, every teacher is a grandparent to children in some way because you think they are absolutely WONDERFUL!

Grandparents' Day reminds all of us to recall of a special memory we had with our grandparents. It's also the perfect day to call them, thank them, and tell them that you love them!

My grandfather used to put me on a stool and let me help him make canned tomato soup when I visited. That was the BEST soup in the whole, wide world. My sweet grandmother would always let me have a tea party and she never said, "Only one spoonful of sugar!"

Someone once told me that when a person you care for passes away your memories and love are like beams of light going to them. I hope it's true! (You know, it's also interesting that so many of my memories of life involve food. Is that just me or is the same true for you?)

This would be a good week to have children write or draw pictures about their grandparents and what they enjoy doing with them. You could also give children art supplies so they could make cards for their grandparents.

Here is a song that my daughter wrote for Grandparents' Day. The link will take you to my website where you can download the vocal or instrumental version.

Download Song Versions Here

Grandparents’ Day - (Tune: “Simple Gifts”)
Grandma and Grandpa we just want to say
How much we love you on this special day.
With smiles and kisses and bear hugs, too
We want to say thanks for all that you do!
You make us feel like superstars!
You help us to see how wonderful we are.
The love and the time that you have shared
Will stay with us always and everywhere!
We play games together, we go for walks
We go out fishing or just sit and talk
We read books together and have so much fun!
Every moment with you is a special one.
You make us feel like superstars!
You help us to see how wonderful we are.
The love and the time that you have shared
Will stay with us always and everywhere!

Grandparents' Party
Although this is way too early in the school year to plan a party for grandparents, you can have a celebration any month. After thirty years I can still recall a grandmother thanking me and saying, "Now when I think of Kristy I can see her in this happy place." I always involved the children in making the invitations, snacks, decorations, nametags, and a little gift for our grandparents' party. I would also let them choose the songs and dances they wanted to do for their grandparents. (Of course, “Tooty Ta" was always at the top of the list and we asked the grandparents to join along!)

Here are some other ideas:
Take a photo of the child with her grandparents.
Have children draw a picture of their grandparents and then play “Guess Who?" as you hold up the drawings.
Ask grandparents to write down a story about what they remember about being in Kindergarten, first grade, etc.
Let grandparents and children do a craft activity together.