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Friday, September 16, 2022


Finger exercises are a great way to calm children, focus their attention, and develop hand strength, coordination, and their brains!

Twiddle Your Thumbs
Demonstrate how to fold your hands and twiddle (rotate thumbs around each other) your thumbs.

*Unfold your hands and put the opposite thumb on top and twiddle.

Tap Them
Put palms together and tap one finger at a time starting with thumbs.

Open hands and touch fingertips. Bend in and out. Tap thumbs. Then tap index fingers, middle fingers, ring, and pinky fingers. Reverse.

*Roll each leg/finger forward and then backwards.

Balancing Act
Directions: Have children stand and follow along as they balance and increase mindfulness.

Feet together, close your eyes, (Close eyes breath in and out.)
And breath slowly in and out.
Open your eyes, (Balance on left foot.)
Lift your right foot and balance on the left.
Put your arms out straight. (Arms out wide as you balance.)
Now reach for the stars. (Arms up in the air as you balance.)
Place your right foot on the floor
And raise your left foot. (Balance on right foot.)...

Now close your eyes and slowly breath in and out.
Let your mind take you to a happy place.


Tony Chestnut
Directions: Point to the body parts as you sing. Sing each verse softer until you are doing the silent version.

Toe (Point to toes.)
Knee (Point to knee.)
Chest (Point to chest.)
Nut (Point to head.)
Nose (Point to nose.)
Eye (Point to eyes.)
Love (Cross arms over chest.)
You (Point to a friend.
Toe Knee Nose (Continue to point to body parts.)
Toe Knee Nose
Toe Knee Chest Nut
Nose Eye Love You
That’s what Toe Knee Nose.