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Monday, November 13, 2023


Rhyme into math, crafts, and games galore!

Count with Hickory Dickory Dock
Hickory dickory dock. (Fold hands and tick tock back and forth.)
The mouse ran up the clock. (Run fingers up in the air over head.)
The clock struck one, (Clap one time.)
The mouse ran down. (Run fingers down.)
Hickory dickory dock.

Two – “Yahoo!” (Continue doing the movements above,
Three – “Whopee!” clapping the appropriate number of times.)
Four – “Do more!”
Five – “Let’s jive!”
Six – “Fiddlesticks!”
Seven – “Oh, heavens!”
Eight – “Life’s great!”
Nine – “So fine!”
Ten – “We’re near the end.”
Eleven – “We’re sizzlin’.”
Twelve – “I’m proud of myself.”

Jack and Jill
Make a puppet pattern similar to the one shown out of heavy paper.  Challenge the children to make the puppet look like “Jack” on one side and “Jill” on the other side. Attach a straw and use as a puppet.

What happened after Jack fell down? Here’s more to the story!

So up got Jack
And said to Jill
As in his arms he took her.
You’re not hurt, brush off that dirt.
Now, let’s go fetch that water.
So up got Jack and
Up got Jill to fetch that pail of water.
They brought it back to mother dear
Who thanked her son and daughter.

Jack Be Nimble
Jack be nimble. (Hands behind back.)
Jack be quick.
Jack jump over (Jump forwards.)
The candlestick.
Jump it lively.
Jump it quick.
But don’t knock over (Jump backwards.)
The candlestick!

Activities: Place a block on the floor to be the “candlestick.” Children take turns jumping over it as you say their name in the rhyme. For example: “Tasha be nimble, Tasha be quick…”

Baa Baa Black Sheep
Cut the sheep and the tops of the 3 bags of wool from the front of a file folder. Insert colored paper starting with black. Remove the black paper and then fill in the appropriate color word. (This would be something for the teacher to make and use with the children.)
Baa baa green sheep
Have you any wool?

Would you like a pattern for this?