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Monday, November 6, 2023


It's November, and the perfect time of year to nurture a GRATITUDE ATTITUDE in our students - and ourselves! In studies of successful people, gratitude is frequently a characteristic that comes up. Gratitude is an emotion of expressing appreciation for what you have, rather than what you don’t have. Psychology Today reports that gratitude can be cultivated and it can increase levels of happiness when you do. Energy, optimism, and empathy are by-products of gratitude.

Model Gratitude
Make it a habit to include things you appreciate into daily conversations.

What does it mean to be thankful? Write children’s responses on the board. What are some synonyms for thankful?

Gratitude Journal
Make a special journal for each child to use during the month of November. Several times a week ask them to draw, list, or write sentences about things they are grateful for.
*I used copy paper and wallpaper cut in 9” x 12” rectangles to make my journal. Take five sheets of paper and fold in half. Center on the wallpaper and sew down the middle. (You can do this by hand, or maybe there is a parent or grandparent with a machine who would do this for you.) It makes a lovely book.

Thankful Board
Designate a bulletin board or poster in the hall as your “thankful board.” Children can attach sticky notes or draw pictures of things they are thankful for throughout the month.

Gratitude Box
Cut a hole in the top of a shoebox and decorate. Place on a shelf along with paper and pencils. Children write things they are thankful for and place them in the box. When you have a few extra minutes, select notes and read them to the class.

Tell Me Something GOOD
Start the day by going around the room and asking each child to say something they are thankful for.

End with Something GOOD
Clap and slap thighs as you say this chant to end your day:
Hey, hey, what do you say?
What happened good at school today?

Hot Potato Pass
Children sit or stand in a circle and begin passing the hot potato (ball or other small object) around. When the music stops or when the teacher blows a whistle the child holding the potato must say one thing they are thankful for.

Find a project in your community that your class can do to help others.


I'm GRATEFUL to Laura Pearson for sharing these meaningful activities that can help us create special family memories.

Cultivate Family Ties with Engaging Home Projects

The hustle and bustle of contemporary life often pushes quality family moments to the backseat. Yet, the very space one calls home offers abundant opportunities for families to bond, learn, and create. Delving into home improvement activities not only embellishes one's surroundings but also forges stronger familial links. Embarking on these projects means more than just refining manual skills; it represents the fusion of shared moments and mutual growth. This guide from Dr. Jean and Friends offers some great ideas!

Chalkboard Canvas

Every household needs a central point of communication. By turning a plain surface into a chalkboard area using special paint, families can establish an interactive zone. Here, weekly schedules, playful sketches, or essential reminders can be penned down. Not only does this innovative space keep everyone in sync, but it also offers a platform for artistic expressions.

A Wall of Moments

Having a designated space to display photographs and mementos infuses warmth into a home. By crafting a dedicated memory wall, families can revisit treasured instances, ranging from celebratory events to simple daily joys. This evolving visual storybook not only serves as a testament to love and growth but also keeps past adventures alive, fueling conversations and reminiscences.

Digital Record Keeping

In the midst of acquiring materials for various tasks, one often finds themselves inundated with paper receipts. By taking the step to transition into a digital realm, and realizing that then you can scan a document, there's an opportunity to bring order and efficiency to these records. Ensuring timely access to historical purchases, adeptly monitoring expenses, and promoting environmentally conscious habits become effortless. Embracing these innovative solutions amplifies the efficiency of everyday activities.

Collaborative Constructs

Working on a mutual construction project can be both fulfilling and educational. For instance, creating a bespoke bookshelf requires planning, measurement, and assembly. Families can engage in brainstorming sessions, decide on designs, and then collaboratively bring their vision to life. Such undertakings foster unity and result in a functional artifact that serves as a reminder of shared efforts.

Crafting Candles

Diving into the world of homemade candles can be a delightful sensory experience. Families can explore various fragrances, colors, and molds to produce bespoke creations. These self-made luminaries not only add ambiance to the home but can also serve as thoughtful presents for acquaintances. Engaging in such artistic ventures encourages creativity and offers a chance to learn a new skill.

Indoor Gardens

Introducing a hint of green indoors can be both therapeutic and instructive. Starting an in-house herb garden is a venture that all family members can participate in. From selecting plants to understanding their care requirements, it's a journey of discovery. As the greens thrive, they provide not just aesthetic appeal but also fresh culinary ingredients, making meals even more special.

Reviving Furnishings

Every home has furnishings that may be worn out or outdated. Instead of discarding them, families can team up to give these items a new lease on life. By repurposing and renovating these pieces, not only is there an environmental benefit, but it also instills a sense of accomplishment. Each revamped item becomes a testament to teamwork and innovation.

Entrepreneurial Initiatives

When multiple home improvements yield visibly impressive results, it may inspire families to consider a broader horizon. Launching a home-focused business can be an exciting joint venture. From brainstorming services to setting objectives, this entrepreneurial plunge can be both challenging and rewarding. It's about harnessing cstrengths and navigating the business world as a united front.

Integrating these home projects into routine family activities achieves a dual purpose: beautifying living spaces and nurturing family relationships. From innovative communication walls to joint business aspirations, these endeavors underscore the values of collaboration, innovation, and shared growth. With hands-on projects waiting to be explored, families have a plethora of opportunities to weave memories and fortify their bonds.