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Monday, June 13, 2011

Father's Day

That’s right!  Father’s Day is the this weekend, so here’s an idea for your children to help dad celebrate his special day.  First, give each child a 2 ½” circle and tell them to draw their father’s face when he is sleeping.  Glue this to the top of the flat side of a paper lunch sack.  Next, cut 4 ½ ” x 6” pieces of plaid or striped wrapping paper or wall paper.  Let children glue this to the sack under the sleeping head so it looks like their dad is in bed.  Finally, let children make a card with this poem:

Breakfast in Bed

Since it is Father’s Day
I have something to say.
Don’t lift your head.
Have breakfast in bed!
In the bag you will see
Breakfast prepared by me!

Let children make muffins or another breakfast goodie and place it in the bag.  Punch a hole in the top and tie on the card with a piece of ribbon.