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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Road Sign Reading

Road Sign Reading

If you're on a field trip or a vacation, reading road signs can entertain children and help them learn at the same time.  Older children can make a list of all the signs they can read, and younger children can identify different logos on stores and restaurants.  It's fun to play "I Spy ABC's" by searching for all the letters of the alphabet on signs.

Do an internet search of road signs and you'll find some great graphics to download.  Even young children can identify the word "STOP."  As they make those print connections they will be on the first step to reading.  You can also use those graphics to make matching games and BINGO games.

Glue road signs to toilet paper rolls and you'll have some inexpensive signs to use in the block area.  Take photos of the fire station, post office, school, and other buildings in your community and tape them to blocks.  You can also cut store and restaurant logos out of newspaper advertisements and tape them to blocks.  Children will enjoy creating their own villages and driving around with toy cars.  Wouldn't this be fun to do outside in the grass or sandbox on a summer day?