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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Virginia Rocks

I just returned from Christiansburg, Virginia, and the teachers were wonderful!!!  Anybody who would give up a day of summer vacation to go to a workshop is my kind of teacher!  Here are some new ideas they shared.

Focus Finger Play  (Pat Kesler uses this before handwriting.  It wires up the brain!)

Two tall telphone poles   (Fists touching with index fingers pointing up.)
Across them a wire was strung.  (Touch middle fingers.)
Two little girds hopped on  ((Put thumbs up on middle fingers.)
And sung and sung and sung.  (Swing fingers.)

Beach Week  (Kathy Conway)

If you have a family vacation planned take your "readty to make" materials and supplies.  Gather your family around a big table and have a "make and chat" party.  Your family will love to help and the conversation will be great.
*Beach beverages optional but recommended.

Facebook (Ruth Lefko)

Take two boxes and write "Facebook In Box" on one and "Facebook Out Box" on the other.  Provide children with scrap paper, pencils, and markers.  Children fold a sheet of paper in half and draw their face or a picture on the front.  Inside they write a note to the teacher or a friend and place it in the "In Box."  The messages are delivered and then the teacher or friend write a reply and place it in the "Out Box."  What a great idea to encourage writing!