Friday, December 28, 2012


As I was doing research on the 21st Century Skills for my January website I found this interesting site: with websites and skills that offer technical learning adventures for you and your students.   If you’re bored today you will be totally entertained-meserized-engaged with these sites!  (animate reactions to literature and current events) (video streaming) (paperless storage) (e scrapbooking) (creating a podcast) (paperless storage of materials) (create multi-media presentations) (completing an online survey)

Here are some activities (for you and your students) that they recommend to foster 21st Century technical skills:
Sending professional emails
Using the internet for research
Using a Smartboard
Building a wiki
Creating a photostory
Writing a classroom blog
Assessing and evaluating research sources
Interpreting media sources
Incorporating the use of digital technologies in the classroom (PDAs, media players, GPS, computers, SmartPhones, etc.)

Yeah, dinosaur that I am I think I see some New Year’s Goals for me so I can keep up with my grandchildren!