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Monday, December 3, 2012


As a teacher, you have to be a salesperson.  You have to SELL children on reading and books.  Go to and you can get a free download of this song called "We Like Books."  What a great springboard for developing some Common Core Standards!
We Like Books
(“Cadence” –Children repeat each line.)
We like to read, yes we do.         (Slap thighs and step from side to side.)
We like books.  How about you?  (Point to self and then others.)

Books are my friends wherever I go.
When I have a book I’m never alone.  (Shake head.)

Search for treasure, solve mysteries.  (Hand over forehead.)
Meet famous people from history.

Ride on a dinosaur long ago.  
Or fly to the future with a UFO.  (Slap hands.)

You can travel to faraway places.   (Arms out like airplane.)
Mountains, beaches, or desert oasis.

Learn about pandas and rattle snakes.  (Palms together like snake.)
Just look in a book, that’s all it takes.

If you’re feeling sad or blue   (Look sad.)
Books are always there for you.   (Smile and open palms like a book.)

Activities:  Have a “dress up like your favorite book character” day and encourage children to describe their character.
Gather books from the classroom library and challenge children to sort them.  What sorting rule did they use?
Take a field trip to your local library and help each child sign up for a library card.
Display a cookbook, travel book, fairy tale book, poetry book, nature book, etc.  If you wanted to take a trip, which book would you choose?  If you wanted to learn more about alligators, which book would you choose?  What if you wanted to make cookies?
Do a graph of children’s favorite author or book.

Be a Buddy - Last summer before I recorded this song my grandson and I did a simple video.  Well, now you can download the arrangements and vocals from free at  
Activities:   Role play the steps in the song.  Let children take turns being “bullies” and “buddies” and acting out what they should do.
Make a book called “A Buddy Is…” where each child contributes a drawing of how they can be a buddy.
Run off “Buddy Coupons” for children to distribute to friends who are kind to them.  You could also have a “Buddy Board” where children write the names of buddies.