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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Minneapolis might have one of the best malls in America, but you’ll also find some of the best teachers in America there as well!  Sometimes I get weary of the planes and hotel rooms, but then I meet YOU and it’s all worthwhile!

Oh, Yeah!  (Sarah Farber)
Make an “O” above your head as you say, “Oh.”
Make a “Y” by extending your arms in the air as you say, “Yeah!”

Line Up Chant  (Lisa Hegard)
As tall as a tree.  (Put arms in the air.)
As big as a house.  (Stretch arms out to the sides.)
As think as a pin.  (Stand up straight with arms by sides.)
As quiet as a mouse.  (Say this line softly with index finger over lips.)

I Can Read Apron
Write “I Can Read” on an apron with puff paints.  Put pointers (chopsticks with glitter on the end) in the pockets along with fun glasses or letter finders (cardboard shaped like magnifying glasses laminated with clear center).  Children get to wear the apron and read the room.

Never Losers, Always Winners!  (D. Ann Davey)
Make the letter “L” with your left hand and right hand by sticking out your thumb and sticking up your pointer.  Bring the “L’s” together to make the letter “W.”

Shape Hunt  (Sarah Farber)
Draw shapes on paper and attach to a clipboard.  Go on a scavenger hunt around the school to find these shapes on the floors, walls, and everywhere!
*You could also hunt for 3-D shapes.

A, E, I , O, U  (Lisa Jerve, MN)
Say the vowels as a transition activity.  Point to each child as you say “A, E, I, O, U may go.”  The last student you point to (“U”), can line up.  Continue until everyone has lined up.

C Prints  (Amy Hamilton)
For a fun way to express the letter “C,” cut away part of a cup.  Let the children dip it in paint and print and you’ll have a page full of C’s.

Letter Matching Spoons  (Lynn Quackenbush)
Write uppercase letters on white plastic spoons.  Write lowercase letters on clear, plastic spoons.  Let children put the spoons together to match the letters.

Card Game  (Rachel Udelhoven)
Remove the face cards from a deck of cards.  Children face each other and draw one card at a time.  They place the card in numerical order in front of them.  If the card isn’t needed, they place it in the “trash” between them.  The next player can choose the card in the trash or draw a new card.  The first child to fill in 1-10 is the winner.