Saturday, September 24, 2016


Here are a few more neurobics exercises that will energize children's brains.

Jumping Brains
Materials: None
Directions: Ask children to stand and challenge them to jump in their space as long as they can. When they get tired they can sit back in their seats.

Hint! Have children look at the second hand on the clock to see how long they can jump. Record the seconds. Each day practice “jumping” and have them record how their time improves.

Adaptations: Say traditional jump rope rhymes as the children pretend to hold a rope. Here’s a video where you can jump with Dr. Jean.


Brains Go Marching
Materials: marching music
Directions: Children can get an amazing amount of exercise simply by standing and marching in place. Here are some different ways you can march. Can your students add to the list?
Power march by swinging arms up and down as you lift your knees high.
March slow and then march fast.
March in a circle and then turn around and march in a circle in the opposite direction.
March like a toy soldier with stiff arms and legs.
March high and then march down low.
March on tippy toes.
Swish arms back and forth like windshield wipers as you march.

Adaptations: March with Dr. Jean on this video:

Brain Freeze
Materials: dance music
Directions: Have students fine their own space. Explain that when the music starts they can start dancing. As soon as the music stops they must freeze.

Adaptations: Play a game where if they move when they should be frozen they have to sit down and they are out of the game. Who can be the last one standing?

Hanky Panky
Materials: white handkerchief, scarf, or tissue
Directions: Tell the students when you throw the handkerchief up in the air they can start doing a silly dance and make funny noises. When the hanky hits the ground they must freeze. Do this several times to get rid of wiggles.

Here’s a link for a webinar I’ll be doing on brain breaks on October 20th: