Sunday, September 11, 2016


The world is full of beautiful, colorful things. And, I know most classrooms are full of colorful things and discussions about colors this time of year. Here’s a song to the tune of “Happy Birthday” where children can learn to spell the color words.

Color Box (Tune: “Happy Birthday” – On Move It! Learn It! CD)
Here’s a crayon for you. (Pretend to hold a present in your hand.)
It’s a blue one for you. (Hold up a blue crayon or marker.)
B – l – u – e  blue
Here’s blue for you...
Red, yellow, orange, green, purple, brown, black, white.
*Children could hold up crayons or touch something the appropriate color as you sing.

Sign Language
Teach children manual signs for the colors. You can see video clips at

Color Book
Materials: copy paper, hole punch, crayons, rubber band

Directions: Fold two sheets of paper in half. Cut in half. Stack and fold in half again. Make two hole punches on the folded sided about 2” from the ends. Insert a rubber band in one
hole and slip a crayon through the loop. Insert the other end of the rubber band in the other hole and slide the other end of the crayon through that loop. Children can use these books to write color words, draw pictures of their favorite colors, cut objects out of
magazines and label the color, and so forth.

Word Puzzles
Materials: sentence strips, envelopes, markers
Directions: Write sight words on sentence strips. Cut between the letters to make a puzzle. Place the puzzle pieces in an envelope. Make a balloon the appropriate color on the front of the envelope. Children remove the letters and try to put them together to make the word.
Hint! Write the word on the back of the envelope so children can self-check.

Pull and Read
Materials: sentence strips, envelopes, markers

Directions: Write sight words on 10” sections of sentence strips with a black marker. Draw a small balloon the appropriate color at the right end of each word. Seal a letter size envelope and then trim off the left end. Insert the sight words in the envelope. Children pull out one letter at a time and try to blend the sounds and identify the color word. They can self-check with the balloon at the end.

Rainbow Everything
Materials:  paper, crayons or markers
                Directions:  Children can trace around shapes or letters with different colors of crayons.  You can adapt this activity to seasonal shapes, words, numerals, or anything you want the children to practice.

Configuration Puzzles
Write color words on the board. Invite children to trace around the outside shape of each word. Erase the letters inside the outlines. Can children identify the word from the shadow? 

Colorful Snack
Have a “colorful snack” where every child brings a colorful fruit or vegetable. Ask parents to prepare the food in bite size pieces so it will be easy to serve the class.
*Have children draw pictures of the “colors” they ate.

Color Scavenger Hunt
Cut construction paper in a variety of colors into 2” squares. Place these in a bag and let children choose a square. Have them hunt around the classroom to find an object that color. Can they find more than one?

*Try a color scavenger hunt on the playground.

And if you really want to a COLORFUL STEAM unit, then check out Carolyn’s latest packet with 77 pages of ideas!