Thursday, September 1, 2016


STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) was the original acronym that grew into STEAM by adding an A for Art. Some educators have added an R (STREAM) to represent Reading, while others suggest incorporating Language Arts with the A. Whatever acronym you use, STEAM emphasizes an integrated lesson that is project-based and shows children how school is integrated with their lives.

What Do the Letters in STEAM Mean?

Science: The study of the physical and natural world. That means everything from weather to meerkats to magnets to humans! Science is observing, questioning, making predictions, experimenting, and sharing what they’ve learned.

Technology: Anything created by humans to meet a need or want that makes life easier. (Whew! I thought it meant electronic devices.) A pair of scissors, a marker, or a desk can be technology. When children create a product that solves a problem that is technology.

Engineering: The design process used to solve problems and build things.

Art – Isn’t open–ended art the fusion of technology and engineering? Through art activities children use tools to create a unique design.
A also stands for “Language Arts.” Oral language, reading, and writing are integrated throughout the learning process.

Math: Math includes numbers, shapes, quantities, operations, and measurement.

STEAM and children go together like peanut butter and jelly. Children are naturally curious and they want to explore and try to make sense out of their world. My website this month is full of STEAM. There's a free download of my song "I Know a Scientist" and you'll love all the free downloads that Carolyn Kisloski ( shared.