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Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Call backs are similar to the game “Marco Polo.” The teacher says one thing and the children respond. Call backs work like a charm to focus children’s attention.

Teacher says: Criss cross.
Children respond: Be your own boss. (Cross arms and sit up straight.)

Teacher says: All set? (Snap fingers twice.)
Children respond: You bet! (Snap fingers twice.)
*If they are not ready they respond “not yet.” Keep saying “All set?” until the entire class is responding “You bet!”

Teacher says: Hands on top.
Children respond: Everybody stop! (Put hands on head and freeze.)
Teacher says: Macaroni and cheese.
Children respond: Freeze please! (Freeze and look at the teacher.)
Teacher says: Ready?
Children respond: Spaghetti! (Stand up straight.)

Line Up Tips 
Teacher says: Locket. (Pretend to lock lips.)
Children respond: Pocket. (Pretend to put the key in their pocket.)

Teacher says: Hips (Put one hand on your hip.)
Children respond: And lips. (Put index finger on lips.)

Teacher says: Standing straight?
Children respond: Check!
Teacher says: Hands to self?
Children respond: Check!
Teacher says: Mouth closed?
Children respond: Check!
Teacher says: Ready for the hall?
Children respond: Check!

It’s also fun to play the “Marco Polo” game as you wait for children to get ready to go home, clean the room, and so forth.
Teacher: Marco
Children: Polo

Teacher: Okeedookee
Children: Artichokee 

Teacher: Peanut butter
Children: Jelly
Teacher:  Da da da da da...
Children:  I'm loving it!  (MacDonald's advertisement)
*Let the children make up their own call backs.