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Thursday, October 12, 2017


Thank goodness Hurricane Nate took a turn and I got to visit Lake Charles on Monday. Talk about friendly, fun, and fantastic teachers!!! Here are some of the great ideas they shared with me.

Tattle Tale Thursday (Brittany Cormier)
When the children come to tattle remind them that they can only tattle on Tattle Tale Thursday. (They usually forget by then!)
Take a Seat (Annie Sarver)
Take a seat. (Clap)
Take a seat. (Clap)
Take a load off your feet.
Just sit on down, sit on down. WHAT?
Sit on down, sit on down. WHAT?

Happy Birthday Karate Style (Lanetta Boyette)
*When you say, “Chop, chop,” put your hands out like a butcher’s knife and chop the air.
*When you say, “Hiyah!” kick your let out like a karate expert.

Happy birthday to you. Chop-chop, chop-chop.
Happy birthday to you. Chop-chop, chop-chop.
Happy birthday dear (child’s name). Chop-chop, chop-chop.
Happy birthday to you. CHOP-CHOP! HIYAH!

Name Song (Mary Aleshire)
You can sing any name to the tune of “Ten Little Indians.”
M – a – r – c – u - s
M – a – r – c – u - s
M – a – r – c – u - s
That spells Marcus.

Sit Down Chant (Jazzma Reese)
Our hands are in our laps. (Place hands in lap.)
Our feet are crossed. (Cross hands and feet.)
You’re looking at me. (Point to teacher and eyes.)
And your mouths are off. (Turn invisible knob off by mouth.)

Morning Meeting Song (Jazzma Reese)
Sing children’s names in this song to the tune of “Frere Jacques.”
Hello (child’s name). Hello (child’s name). (Wave hello.)
How are you? How are you? (Hand behind.)
We are glad to have you. (Wave hand.)
We are glad to have you.
Here at school. Here at school. (Open palms.)

Parts of a Book (Angela Hollis)
Children repeat each line to the tune of “Frere Jacques” as the teacher points out the different parts of the book.
This is the front cover. (repeat)
This is the back cover. (repeat)
This is the spine. (repeat)
This is the title. (repeat)
The author write the words. (repeat)
The illustrator draws the picture. (repeat)
This is the beginning. (1 time)
This is the ending. (1 time)
And this is the middle. (repeat)

Kiss Your Heart! Lynette Jensen)
When a child is “caught” being kind tell them to “kiss your heart.”
Turtle Feet (Kelly Burgess)
(Say this to the children to encourage them to walk slowly down the hall.)
Turtle feet,
Turtle feet,
Nice and slow.
Eyes to the front
Watch where we go.

Stop Interruptions (Kelly Burgess)
To stop storytellers from taking time of learning tell them to “save it in your brain.” (Touch the back of your head.) Then tell them to you tell you later on.

DREAM SHAPES by Rebecca Dargin Rigmaiden
This is a delightful book written by a Head Start teacher in Lake Charles. It’s a wonderful way to reinforce shapes and teach children to follow their dreams. The illustrations were vibrant and charming! Loved it!