Monday, November 20, 2017


Teachers all over the USA are thankful that this is a short week!  Forget "rigor" and give your children some special memories.  Here is a song memory from when I was little girl many, many years ago.  It's still a great song and a meaningful way to compare/contrast and talk a about the "olden days."

Over the River
(Traditional Tune:  Happy Everything CD)
Over the river and through the woods       (Pretend to hold reins of a sleigh
To grandmother’s house we go.                  and drive as you bounce up and down.)
The horse knows the way                           (Put hands behind back and nod
To carry the sleigh                                        like a horse.)
Through the white and drifted snow.                 
Over the river and through the woods,        (Pretend to drive sleigh.)
Oh, how the wind does blow.                        (Wrap arms around self and shiver.)
It stings your toes and bites your nose        (Touch nose and point to toes.)
As over the ground we go.

Through the country and cities far               (Pretend to drive a car.)
In sun or wind or rain.
We might go by train                                    (Pull down on train whistle.)
We might take a plane.                                (Fly hand like a plane in the air.)
Or maybe a bus or car.                                (Hold out right hand, then left.)
Through low valleys and mountains high    (Look down low and then up.)
Now, grandmother’s house I spy.                  (Hand over eyes.)
Hurrah, for the fun!                                       (One fist in the air.)
Is the turkey done?                                   
Hurrah for the pumpkin pie!                        (Cheer with other fist.)

Comparisons – Use a Venn diagram to compare what it would be like to visit grandmother a long time ago and how we visit now.  How are things the same?  How are they different?

Graphs – Make a graph of how they will travel to their Thanksgiving dinner.  Car?  Plane?  Train?  Bus?  Boat?  Stay at home!

Olden Days
Bring in a rotary phone, typewriter, record player, and camera.  (A note to parents might help you find one of these.)  Talk about how they were used when their grandparents were kids.  What do we use now instead?
*Hint!  I think it's important for children to know what these items are because most of the books copyrighted before 2000 have pictures or reference them.