Tuesday, November 14, 2017


I titled this blog “The Spot” because a teacher told me she called her art center “The Spot.” I thought that was rather clever and perfect for these simple, open-ended projects.  These creative activities are another way for children to SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW and can be tied into many different skills and standards.

*Remember, it’s the process and not the product. Children will be using problem-solving and small motor skills as they do these projects.

Pop Up Scene
Skills: comprehension, setting
Materials: construction paper, crayons, markers, scissors, glue, scrap box
Directions: Prepare pop-ups ahead of time by folding the construction paper in half. Cut two slits from the fold 3 ½” from each side and 2 ½” down as shown. Bend the tab in so when you open there will be a 3-dimensional tab. Have children close their eyes and make a picture from a book you have read in their brain. Have them draw the setting of the scene on the inside of the pop-up. Finally, have them draw the main character and glue it to the pop-up.
*Pop ups are perfect for habitat studies or scenes from history.

Skills:  comprehension, setting, habitats
Materials:  paper, scissors, crayons, markers, stapler
Directions:  Cut the paper into a square by making a diagonal fold and cutting off the bottom.  Children draw a scene on the top half of the square as shown.  Cut in half-way on the diagonal crease, fold under, and staple to make a stand up scene.  


Pipe Cleaner People
Skills: book characters, famous people, retelling a story
Materials: pipe cleaners, scrap box, cloth, scissors, glue
Directions: Demonstrate how to make a stick person from two pipe cleaners. Children can then add a face, clothing, and other details. Let them retell a story with their pipe cleaner people.

Skills:  vocabulary words, spelling words, math facts, 4 facts learned, etc.
Materials:  paper, scissors, hole punch, colored pencils, play dough

Directions:  To make a square, fold a sheet of paper diagonally and cut off the end. Fold in half diagonally again. Cut in on diagonal lines stopping 1” from the center. Hole punch every other corner and in the middle. Insert holes on a pencil or straw and put a little play dough on the end.