Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Children can practice "building" words with some of these simple materials. These activities can also be adapted for sight words, vocabulary words, or spelling words.

Alphabet Soup
Place magnetic letters in a bowl. Give children a large soup spoon to
scoop out some letters. Can they make a word with the letters? Have
them write the words that they make.

Letter Tin
Place magnetic letters inside a cookie tin. On the inside cover make three lines with a permanent marker. Have the children take out the letters and place them around the lid. Give children a list of CVC words to make and read.

Unifix Cubes 
Place dot stickers on unifix cubes. Write letters on the dots. Children can use these for constructing words.
*Let children play this game with a friend. One child builds a word and the other friend must then read it.
Play Dough Phonics
Let children use play dough to make objects that begin with different letter sounds.
*Use play dough to make two words that rhyme.

Duplo Letters and Words
Here is a photo a teacher sent demonstrating how she integrates blocks with phonics and sight words. She said she asked the parents to donate the Duplo blocks and the children thought they were "playing" instead of "learning."