Saturday, February 10, 2018


Every day use a class puppet to introduce a vocabulary word that will be the password for the day. Use this chant to introduce the password:
     Mr. Bear, Mr. Bear, (or whatever your puppet is),
     Oh, what do you say?
     What is the password for today?

*For attendance, the children say the password instead of “here.”

*Cut out a giant hand and write the word on the hand. Tape it to the door and every time the children enter or leave the classroom they “high five” the hand and say the word.

*Make tally marks on the board for every time a student uses the word during the day.

*Decorate a name badge with fake jewels.  Put a new "sparkle word" in the badge each day. Focus children’s attention by singing this song to the tune of “If You’re Happy.”

     If you can read this word shout it out. (Children shout word.)
     If you can read this word whisper it out. (Children whisper word.)
     If you can read this word spell it out. (Children spell word.)
     If you can read this word act it out. (Children dramatize the word.)


*Go to and click on the dictionary to learn how to sign the password.