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Thursday, May 16, 2019


One more of those silly camp songs for you today! 

The Beaver Call
Chorus: F-f-f, f-f-f, f-f-f-f-f-f-f.
(Extend arms and open and close fingers.
Put your top teeth over your bottom lip as you /f/.)

Beavers one, beavers all, (Cross right arm in front and then left arm.)
Do a little beaver call. (Chorus)

Beavers two, beavers three, (Pretend to climb a tree.)
Let’s chew up the beaver tree. (Chorus)

Beavers four, beaver five, (Pretend to dance.)
Do a little beaver jive. (Chorus)

Beaver six, beavers seven, (Wave your arms and look up.)
Let’s fly up to beaver heaven. (Chorus)

Beavers eight, beavers nine, (Extend arms stiffly like Frankenstein.)
Do a little Frankenstein. (Chorus)

Beavers ten, beavers ten, (Extend arms and open and close fingers.)
Let’s be beavers once again! (Chorus) 

*Go to and put "summer 2014" in the search engine to download a free version of this song.

How Can You Find Out?
Ask children what beavers do. How can you find out?  You can go to the library, look on the internet, ask a friend, ask your parents, etc.

      Why do they have such big teeth? 

      How do they use their tail? 

      Where do they live?

      How do they help the environment? 

      What does it mean to be "busy as a beaver"?


Here's a video about beavers that your class will enjoy.