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Tuesday, May 14, 2019


Over the next few days I'll share some videos of camp songs that I sang long ago.  
They just might help you get through the last few days of school with a smile!
And, they might entertain your children while you finish packing and filling out reports!


Can you imagine sitting around a campfire and singing? Talk about a vanishing activity! No electronic device…no big screen…no musical instruments…just an engaging song and friends! My daughter and I were reminiscing that nobody sings like that any more.  If you ever sang around a campfire as a child, it's a happy memory you will never forget.

The great thing about children is that you can still give them that special memory in your classroom or out on the playground.  One day we built a fake campfire out of sticks.  (I would have had the fire marshall after me if we built a real fire.)  The kids found sticks, stuck marshmallows on the end, and pretended to roast them in the fire.  It was hysterical, because they were totally into the experience.  We then sang some of our favorite songs. 


Yogi Bear  (Tune: “Camptown Racers” JUST FOR FUN CD)  You can sing along with me on this new video:

Camp Song Video

I have a friend that you all know
Yogi, Yogi. (On “Yogi” hold arms out like a tummy.)
I have a friend that you all know
Yogi, Yogi Bear. (On “Bear” make circles with thumbs and index fingers
and put them on your head.)
Yogi, Yogi, Bear.
Yogi, Yogi, Bear.
I have a friend that you all know
Yogi, Yogi Bear.
Yogi has a little friend
Boo Boo, Boo Boo… (On “Boo Boo” put hand down low as if patting
his head.)

Yogi has a Ranger Friend,
Joe, Joe… (Pretend to salute on “Ranger.”)

Yogi has a girlfriend,
Cindy, Cindy… (Fluff hair on “Cindy.”)

They all live in Jellystone,
Jelly, Jelly… (Wiggle all over on “Jelly.”)

Baby Fish
Long before "Baby Shark" I was singing about "Baby Fish."

Baby Fish Video

Baby fish, do-do, do-do-do-do, (Open and shut index
Baby fish, do-do, do-do-do-do. fingers to the beat.)
(Sing twice.)

Momma fish… (Open and shut hands.)
Daddy fish… (Open and shut arms.)
Giant whale… (Extend arm and leg to make whale’s mouth.)

Activities: Make up other verses, such as one about uncle fish, grandma fish, etc. Have the children suggest arm movements to do for the different fish.

(Tune: “Sailing, Sailing, Over the Bounding Main” - Happy Everything CD)
Swimming, swimming, (Pretend to stroke arms.)
In the swimming pool. (Take index fingers and make a square in the air.)
When days are hot (Pretend to fan self.)
Or days are cold, (Rap arms around your self and shiver.)
in the swimming pool. (Make a square in the air.)
Back stroke, (Stroke arms backwards.)
Side stroke, (Swim to the side.)
Fancy diving, too. (Palms together and pretend to dive.)
There’s no place (Shake head “no.”)
I would rather be
Than in the swimming pool. (Make a square in the air.)

*The second time through hum the first line as you make the motions.
Third time hum the first two lines and make the motions.
With each verse omit the words and hum as you make the motions until you are just humming the song.

Here are some other favorite campfire songs:

Found a Peanut
Coming Round the Mountain
The Wheels on the Bus
Chica Boom Chica Boom