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Monday, November 11, 2019


School districts may be winning the battle with higher test scores, but they might actually be losing the war in terms of well-rounded and educated citizens.

The studies of job skills major corporations look for in employees include:

Verbal communication
Teamwork – ability to work with others
Problem solving
Written communication
Positive attitude

Hmmm?? Do you see test scores, rigor, or technology in the above?  The roots of what our children need one day to be successful and healthy adults are what we promote through active learning, working/playing with classmates, centers, games, and creative and open-ended activities.

When children have time to express themselves and teachers have time to listen they are developing verbal skills.

When they play games and do partner projects they are developing teamwork.

When they make choices and aren't afraid to make mistakes they are problem solving.

When they have materials and freedom they can develop creativity.

When they are allowed to make choices to explore areas they are interested in they will be self-motivated.

When they take notes, set goals, and record what they are learning in journals they are developing written communication.

When they laugh, have fun, sing, and play they will have a positive attitude.

And when they learn that there are many ways to be wonderful they will develop flexibility.

Shut your door and teach children what they really need when they grow up!!!