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Friday, November 8, 2019


Teachers have to be sales people!  We have to SELL children on reading and encourage them to read, read, read!

Several years ago while visiting a school I saw two shiny new bikes on display in the library. Every time a child read a book they got to put their name on a ticket to win the bike. What a great way to motivate children to read! These ideas aren’t quite as big as a bike, but I bet you might spark a little interest with them.
Book Drawing

You will need a roll of tickets (purchase at an office supply store) or make your own. Each time a child reads a book she gets to write her name on a ticket. Collect these in a sack during the week. On Friday, draw a name out of the sack and that child WINS a book! 

*It could be a book that you purchased or a book that the class has made.

Stay Up Late and Read 
To reward children make copies of “Extra 15 Minutes” coupons similar to the one shown. Children who earn the ticket get to stay up an extra 15 minutes at bedtime and read to their parents.


Book Bucks
Run off "reading-bucks."  (Free if you do a google search.)  When children read a book they earn a "buck."  They can save these to buy a book or other prize.


Ideas for the whole class to compete and get involved!

Pajama Party
The students work together to read a certain number of books. When they reach their goal they earn a pajama party and get to watch a video of a book.

Popcorn Party
Get a large jar and write “Popcorn Party” on it. Every time any student reads a book she gets to add a cotton ball to the jar. When the jar is full the whole class gets a popcorn party.

Note! There are some who think "bribing" children to read will backfire. That's why I have offered several choices here that do not reward children for the number of books they read. I agree that "reading" itself is the reward, but many children LOVE a challenge.

I found this BINGO card on I like something like this because children could choose their own reward for whatever they wanted to read.