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Thursday, February 13, 2020


Since it's the day before Valentine's, I thought this idea that Christen Hulgan (Richland Elementary in Memphis) shared with me several years ago might be a good idea for you.  It's so simple and sweet and could really start any day in a positive way.

Friendship Circle
During morning meeting the class forms a friendship circle. The teacher asks one child to stand in the middle. Then the teacher says, “Child’s name, there are many things I love about you.” The teacher makes 3 or 4 positive comments about that child. The teacher squeezes the child’s hand on her right. That child says, “I love (whatever they love about that person or something that person has done that was kind).” The child in middle must look them in the eyes and say, “Thank you.” When you have finished going around the circle the teacher says:

      Give child’s name a clap. (clap hands)
      Give child’s name a cheer. (fist in air)
      We love you child’s name. (hug self and then open arms)

Friendship Lotion (Jennifer Smith)
Write “friendship lotion” on a bottle of lotion or disinfectant. (You could also use an empty bottle.) Children take turns passing it around as they put some in their hands. When everybody has some rub your hands together as you say…”It smells like friendship.”

*This is a perfect way to remind students to be kind to friends on Valentine's Day and every day!