Friday, May 15, 2020


If you missed my Facebook Live yesterday where I 
demonstrated these games you can watch it now.

Mystery Word
This game is similar to “Wheel of Fortune.” The teacher thinks of a word and makes blanks on the board for the number of letters. As children call out 
letters, the teacher writes them on the appropriate blanks. If a child calls out a letter 
that is not in the word the teacher draws a head on the board. For each letter 
that is not in the word the teacher adds features (ears, eyes, nose, mouth, etc.) to the 
head. The children try to identify the word before the head is completed. 

*Keep a “bone pile” in the corner where you write letters that are not in the word. 

Note! You can adapt the picture for any animal or holiday object, such as a pumpkin, bear, etc. 

Tic Tac Toe
Children will need paper, crayons, and a hard surface. Tell them to make a big tic tac toe frame in the middle of their paper. Next, ask them to write a letter in each section. Randomly call out alphabet letters. If they have that letter on their grid they can color it in. The first one to get three in a row or cover their whole frame wins.
*Adapt for numbers, sight words, or other skills.


Listen and Draw
Children will need paper, pencils, and something to write on. Give directions for them to draw an object such as a tree.
For example:
Let's draw a pine tree.
Make a big triangle in the middle of your page.
Make a trunk for your tree.
Put a bird in the tree.
Draw a bug under the tree.
Make some clouds in the sky...
*Let them share their drawings when they've finished.

More Musical Chairs
Laura mentioned having the children walk around their chairs as the music played. When the music stopped she showed them a number and they had to sit down and write it or make tally marks. You could adapt this for math facts, phonics, spelling words, etc.

Show Me 
This game can be used to reinforce letters, numbers, sight words, shapes, and so forth.  
You will need to send a copy of the cards for this game ahead of time. Children cut out the cards and place them on the floor or table in front of them.  The teacher asks different questions and says, "Show me."  The children hold up the card with the answer. 


Invisible Writing
Children stand and hold their pointer finger up in the air.  As you call out different math facts they can write the answer in the air.
*They can also write sight words, spelling words, and answers to questions.

Note!  They can clasp fingers and extend both pointers and write or they can use a piece of ribbon or tissue paper.


Laura Bounadonna  *Someone requested an idea for "moving up" from pre-k to K. 
We don't do a formal graduation, but I print diplomas and I make a memory book for the entire year to go with that. I am considering doing a "moving up night", and I will invite the Kindergarten teacher. I will say all of my favorite memories for each child and say that I am turning them over to a very special Kindergarten teacher.  I'll then have her say a few words... we only have one Kindergarten teacher so it’s a little easier. I just feel like that might give them some closure. I am having a talent show at 7pm tonight.. hoping the kids keep’s harder as the weather gets nicer!  I am going to send home bubbles that can be blown after we are officially moved up and saying our favorite memory and I will make a slide show of year long pictures. 

Deborah Davis Renner
Each student (sped prek) will bring a baby doll or stuffed animal, (I gave each one a BuildaBear for xmas) and they will submit their favorite song (your "Going on a Bear Hunt"). We will have a moment for each student to introduce their baby and then have a dance party. After the dance party we will make a special snack called "Teddy Bear Toast" (review from an previous activity we did in class). Then we will say good-bye:) Simple but fun! I may incorporate the microphone and pipe cleaner into the lesson as well.

Jenny Forte Nash
I had students do “tell and show”. I sent home a bag and they got to pick something special from home to share with our class. Before they shared it they had to give 3 clues for us to guess what they brought. Of course, one clue had to be what letter/ sound it begins with. They loved it!

Heather Sinex Toller
Play “This or That”. Mention two things and students put up 1 or 2 fingers to vote for their favorite. For example, 1 for hot dog and 2 for hamburger. Students can also come up with ideas. One of my students said “ play with water balloons or garden hose” So fun! Everyone likes to give their opinion!!

Nancy Walsh
We do Bingo. I have the children create their board (writing numbers 0-20 anywhere on a piece of paper and on the other side of the paper the letters A-Z). Then I call either numbers or letters until everyone is a winner at the bingo hall. : )

Kris Woehrmyer Speelman
Today I did a Microsoft Tea and invited all moms to our kindergarten team meeting for Mother’s Day. Everyone had their favorite morning drink and after each child shared what they love about mom we did a group cheers with our cups! I will be doing quite a few of these!

Zenita Kaplan
26 days before our last day of school, I started an ABC countdown during our Kinder. class Zoom meetings. I have chosen an activity that we can do together, but from home, for each letter of the alphabet. Ex.: Dd day was our dress up day. I even wore my mother of the bride dress to our meeting! Jj day was joke day. Here is one of my favorites from the kids; What is a cat's favorite color? Purrr -ple! When we do Oo day next week, one of my class mom's is going to show the class how to do an origami project. Doing the ABC countdown has allowed me to incorporate a lot of different ideas into the alphabet theme.
Little Lessons for Online Learning #7