Saturday, May 9, 2020


Here's a new song and story video
to share with your children this week.

There was a farmer had a dog
And Bingo was his name-O.
B - I – N – G – O,
B – I – N – G – O.
B – I – N – G – O.
And Bingo was his name-O.

Each verse omit a letter and clap.

Hint!  Insert children's names and spell in the song.

Where Is BINGO?
I’ve been telling this story for over four decades, and it never fails to capture children’s attention. You can draw it on a white board, poster, or a sheet of paper. Of course, the children will say, “Do it again!” 


One day my dog Bingo disappeared. I went to the park to see if I could find him.

When I got there I accidentally stepped on a pile of bumblebees. They came out and swarmed all around me.

I wanted to get away from them so I jumped in a pond of water. But they were still there.

I ran to the top of a hill.

When I got to the top of the hill I saw two doors with two doorknobs. I knocked on the doors, but nobody was there.

I ran down one side of the hill.

And then I ran down the other side of the hill.

Has anybody seen my dog?


Hint! Use your dog’s name in the story.
*Children will love this story so much they will want to learn to retell it and draw a dog.
*This is the perfect time to sing about the farmer’s dog.

Five Little Hotdogs
Five little hotdogs (Hold up 5 fingers.)
Frying in the pan.
The grease got hot,
And one went BAM! (Clap hands.)

Four little hotdogs… (Hold up 4 fingers.)
Three little hotdogs… (Hold up 3 fingers.)
Two little hotdogs… (Hold up 2 fingers.)
One little hotdog… (Hold up 1 finger.)

No little hotdogs (Hold up fist.)
Frying in the pan.
The pan got hot,
And it went BAM! (Clap hands and say the last word loudly.)

*Draw the shape of a pan on a file folder. Cut a 6" slit across the center as shown. Cut hotdogs out of construction paper and tape to spring clothespins.

*Write numbers on plastic plates and have children make the appropriate number of hotdogs from play dough.