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Tuesday, October 26, 2021


Compound words reinforce the concept of "word" and encourage "blending" (putting together)  and "segmenting" (taking apart).

Write words on opposite sides of a paper plate. Cut a puzzle shape between the words. Mix them up and ask children to put the puzzles together and read the words.
Hint! For younger children use picture cues.

*Cut the plate into thirds. Write words on two sections as shown and the compound on the third section.


Open and See
Cut paper into rectangles 4” x 10.” Fold in half. Open. Fold each edge to the center as shown. Write individual words on the two side sections. Open and write and illustrate the compound word.


Compound Boogie
(Tune: "Ball in the Jack" IS EVERYBODY HAPPY? CD)
Take the word "rain" and the word "coat." (Extend a hand on each word.)
Put them together and get “raincoat.” (Bring hands together.)
Dog – house…foot – ball…cup – cake…
Sun – shine…lunch – box…
The compound boogie is easy to do.
You make one word out of two!
And now you can join in the fun.
I’ll say two words and you make them one.
Play – ground…side – walk…bath – tub…
Tree – house… some – thing… sail – boat…
Bed – room… snow – man…cow – girl…
Door – bell…

Separating Syllables
Separate words by bringing hands together and saying a compound, such as “sunshine.” “What happens if we take away ‘sun.’ What happens if we take away ‘shine’?” 

Building Compounds
Put words or pictures on unit blocks. Have children put these together and read the words.