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Tuesday, October 19, 2021


One of the favorite jobs in my classroom was the "meteorologist."  Each day the weather boy/girl would spin to the weather and we would sing the appropriate word:

Weather Song (Tune: “My Darlin’ Clementine”)

Sunny, sunny, sunny, sunny,
It is sunny in the sky.
S – u – n – n – y Sunny
It is sunny in the sky.

Hint! Insert other words children suggest such as “foggy,” “snowy,” and so forth.

Links to the weather graphs and song:

Weather Words

Write weather words on a language experience chart and point to the letters as you sing.
*Challenge children to come up with synonyms for different types of weather. For example, sunny could be bright, hot, cloudless, etc.

Place a thermometer outside your classroom window so children can learn how to read the calendar and judge appropriate clothing for outdoor play.

Wind Tester
Make a wind tester by stapling a strip of tissue paper to a straw. Hold it up to see if the wind is blowing. What direction is the wind blowing from?
*How else can you tell if the wind is blowing?

How Can You Find Out?

Brainstorm different ways to find out about the weather. For example, look on-line, look at the newspaper, watch the weather report on television, look out the window, etc.