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Monday, October 18, 2021


Either in a traditional classroom or online, you will have children move and leave your group or come and join you. These songs and activities are sure to make them feel special.  Sometimes the "little things" that you do can have a huge impact on children and their emotional well being.

Good-Bye Song to Sing When Children Move Away
(Tune: “Good Night, Ladies”)
Good-bye, child’s name.
Good-bye, child’s name.
Good-bye, child’s name.
We’re sad to see you go.

Hint! Make a book for children when they leave.  Let each child draw a picture or use class photos to make the book.

Class Video
Make a video of students saying good-bye and giving the departing child a special wish.

Autograph Shirt
Invite the child who is leaving to bring a large white T-shirt.  Friends can sign their names and draw pictures with permanent markers.

Welcome New Students
Welcome new students by singing their name in this song to the tune of "Good-Night, Ladies."

Welcome, child’s name.
Welcome, child’s name.
Welcome, child’s name.
We’re glad you’re in our room.

Name Song  (Tune:  "Where Is Thumbkin?")
Here's a fun twist to a name song to introduce children to their new friend.  
All: Where is Sam?
Where is Kim?
Sam and Kim sing: Here we are. Here we are.
All: How are you today?
Sam and Kim: Very well, we thank you.
All: Run around, then switch spots.
(Sam and Kim run in a circle and switch spots.)

Cover a table with bulletin board paper.  Put out markers and crayons and invite the class to make a poster for their new classmate.

Special Buddy
Each day assign a student to be a "special buddy" to the new student to help them know what to do, where to go, what the rules are, and so forth.