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Thursday, March 3, 2022


Sorry!  No "academic" ideas today, but these crafts will add a smile to any day.

Cut paper towel rolls in half and then let children decorate with markers and stickers. When a student accomplishes a skill or the class does outstanding work you can get out your tootaroos to celebrate.

*Pretend to hold like a trumpet as you go, "Toot toot toot toot a roo!"

Cut the paper towel rolls in half and punch a hole ¾” from the top. Let children decorate the cardboard rollers with markers or crayons. Cut 6” circles out of wax paper and use a rubber band to attach to one end of the roller and you’re ready to hum. March around the room as you hum some of your favorite songs.

*Play “name that tune” as different students stand up and try to stump their classmates by humming a familiar tune.

Drum Sticks
Who doesn’t want to be a drummer? Children can decorate cardboard rollers and then use them like drum sticks to keep time to music or march around the room.

Rainbow Wand
Cut the rim off one half of a paper plate. Let children decorate it like a rainbow, and then staple on tissue paper as shown. Put on some beautiful music and let the magic begin.