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Sunday, March 27, 2022



Do you remember how happy a new box of crayons made you when you were a child? There was always a lot of “hope” in those sharp, new crayons. Since March 31 is Crayon Day, I'm going to share simple activities you can do with crayons today and tomorrow. The good thing about crayons is they are plentiful, not messy, and very open-ended. You can integrate crayon activities with reading, math, science, social studies or almost any skill in your curriculum.

A Coloring We’ll Go
(Tune: “A Hunting We Will Go”)
A coloring we’ll go.
A coloring we’ll go.
Hi ho, it’s fun you know,
A coloring we’ll go.

Use straight and curvy lines.
Use straight and curvy lines.
With yellow, purple, green, and orange,
We’ll make our picture fine. (Chorus)

The details we will draw.
The details we will draw.
Imagine all the little things.
The details we will draw. (Chorus)

We’ll fill in the page.
We’ll fill in the page.
Use as many colors
As you are in age.

A coloring we’ll go.
A coloring we’ll go.
We’ll put them in the box and close the top
When we’re through, you know.

Check out this new video my webmaster made to go with the song.

Alphabet Art

Materials: crayons, paper

Directions: Draw a large letter in the middle of the paper. Turn the paper all around. What object, animal, person, or place does it look like? Use crayons to "camouflage” the letter to make it look like something.

Adaptations: Challenge children to create an object out of the letter that begins with that sound.

Complete the Picture

Materials: crayons, paper, glue, old magazines

Directions: Cut out pictures of large objects from magazines. Next, cut the objects in half. Glue one of the halves to one side of a sheet of paper. Now, complete the picture by coloring the missing half with crayons.

Hand Dancing

Materials: crayons, paper, music

Directions: Hold a crayon in each hand. Put on some music, and let the crayons "dance” on the paper. 

Little to Large

Materials: crayons, paper

Directions: Make a very small shape or object in the center of the paper. Take a different color of crayon and go around it, making it a little larger. Continue using different colors of crayons and making the object a little larger until it completely fills the page.

Adaptations: Use seasonal objects, such as hearts, kites, leaves, etc.

Negative Space

Materials: crayons, scissors, paper

Directions: Have children cut a hole out of the middle of a sheet of paper. Can they draw a picture incorporating the hole ("negative” space)?


Use crayons to draw a picture of their favorite part of a story.

Trace around geometric shapes with crayons and turn them into objects.

Use crayons to illustrate what they've learned from a science unit.

Draw a picture of "How to be a friend" or "The best thing about me."
P.S. You'll definitely want to check out this new blog by Hannah Severson. It's a blog with resources she's gathered over the years to share with families and educators. Amazing ideas!!!

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