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Thursday, August 4, 2022


How can something so simple be used in so many ways? Make name cards and you’ll be able to use them to help children get to know their classmates, plus:

print connections
alphabet knowledge
phonological awareness,
motivation to read
classroom management

Directions: Write each child’s name on a card and glue their picture on the right as shown. Store the name cards in a box or basket.

Sign In
Place name cards by a large sheet of paper. Each day when children come to school they can find their card and write their name on the chart.

Writing Center
Keep cards in the writing center so children can use their friends’ names to write stories, notes, etc.

Pull names to line up, answer questions, go to centers, etc.

Place cards on the rug before circle time. Children find their name and sit in that spot. (The cards can be used in a similar manner for snack or table activities.)
NOTE! This is a perfect way to separate children who challenge you.

Mystery Name
Choose one child’s name each day and place it in an envelope. Give clues about the consonants and vowels in the name. For example, “This person’s name has one vowel and it is in the middle.” Write an “a” on the envelope. “Whose name could it be? This name has a /t/ sound at the end.” Write a “t” on the envelope. “Anybody guess whose name this might be? There is a /p/ at the beginning of this name.” Write a “P” on the envelope. “Stand up if this is your name.” Pull the name card from the envelope to verify.

Give children dry cereal or buttons and let them play Bingo with their name cards. As you call out letters they cover them up if they are in their name.

Hint! As children become familiar with their names, let them choose a symbol or sticker to replace their photo. During the next stage, write each child’s name using a different color for the first letter in their name. Finally, just use cards with the children’s names.